You need our dog waste removal service if ...

You avoid walking in your yard because you never know what you might step in,

You are concerned about the effects your dog's poo-lution is having on your family, yard, house, and water supply,

Or you are burdened by the doodies of dog ownership but want to keep your dog.


Let us doo the dirty work!
We'll find, scoop, and haul away the poop!

We can customize a poop scooping plan to fit your needs.

You can stop the service at any time.

Don't wait!  Let us help you make your yard more pleasant and safe for you and your pet by providing a timely, effective dog waste removal service.

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 Did you know?

Toxocariasis is an infection caused by the parasites commonly found in the intestine of dogs and cats.  It is passed to humans through contact with contaminated animal feces.

Almost 14% of the U.S. population is infected with Toxocara.

In the United States alone, an estimated 10,000 cases of Toxocara infections in humans are reported each year.

Each year more than 700 people infected with Toxocara experience permanent partial loss of vision.

Center for Disease Control recommends that animal owners keep their yards free of animal waste as one step in preventing diseases passed from pets to humans.



The Outside Scoop serves  the following communities in western Lake County, Illinois:

Hawthorn Woods
Lake Zurich
Vernon Hills
Long Grove
Round Lake
Round Lake Beach

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